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I am in the process of looking at grad positions for 2013 and I read that applicants only receive an interview at their first choice hospital. I am torn between Sydney Childrens Hospital and... Read More

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    Yep that was it. Oh wow haha this could be one very disappointing day.

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    Mine was from kids. Assuming you haven't heard anything else. We just have to wait for one of our other preferences.
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    That's a shame. I know how keen you were to work there.

    Hmm my email is from RHW but it says:

    "I refer to your application for the 2013 Graduate Registered Nurse Transition Recruitment with NSW Health and advise that you have not been successful in obtaining a position at this time as all available positions have been allocated.

    Your name has been placed on an eligibility list and you may be contacted in the future if a position becomes available at any participating hospital in NSW."

    It's weird it doesn't say our other preference hospitals would be in contact. Maybe we'll have to wait until the 16th when people have to accept or reject their offers? :/ So confusing!
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    Mine is exactly the same, except substitute RHW for SCH. I only found out about the process after speaking with a casual RN at work who also works as a facilitator.
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    Hopefully it works out that way. The wait was already bad enough before today.
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    Annie, im going to speak to some people at work on Monday and find out exactly what happens. Should we be expecting a further letter from one of our other preferences or waiting until the 16th. Will update once I know something.

    I also looked at Ramsay Healthcare (they run quite a lot of Private hospitals). If it comes to it, their applications for August 2013 intake don' open until April 2013!
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    Awesome, thanks so much Mopples That will help with the wait.

    What was the mini Paeds course at RCH you were discussing a few weeks ago?
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    Here is a link The Royal Children's Hospital have no idea what it is like, but it came up when I did a quick search.
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    Sweet, thank you! I'm definitely keen on doing that.
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    keep, local new grads for new grad positions!! forget this political correctness,

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