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I am in the process of looking at grad positions for 2013 and I read that applicants only receive an interview at their first choice hospital. I am torn between Sydney Childrens Hospital and... Read More

  1. by   imaginations
    Have you looked into private hospitals? A lot of the private hospitals around Sydney will be more willing to hire someone who hasn't done a new graduate year than the big, tertiary hospitals. Undoubtably, neither CHW or SCH will hire someone who has not done a new grad year and they certainly won't hire someone to the ward as an RN 1 not on the new grad program.

    The prospect of not getting any job at all is a scary one. (I've been there!) However, last year, everyone I knew got offered a job. It may not have been their first or second or third preference. It might not even have been on their list of preferences but most people got offered a job.

    The advice we were given at uni and the general advice is, take any job that you are offered for new grad - do it for a year and then look elsewhere! You need that foundation year.
  2. by   Annie07
    Thank you for the advice Imaginations Hopefully it works out the same this year.

    Less than 24 hours! *hyperventilating*

    Mopples and Newbie12 I just had prac in Paediatrics and it was amazing!!! Good luck with the SCH! Wishing it was my first preference now and not 6th lol.

  3. by   Mopples
    Hopefully by 9am we will have our emails! I have been asking the grad at work today when they got their emails and they said around 9.

    I just want the waiting to be over!
  4. by   newbie12
    Thank you Annie07, all the best for tomorrow And yes Mopples I really hope so. I was told by a nurse educator who was the new grad coordinator of an area health service last year and he said it all depends on what time that specific AHS decides to send them out.
  5. by   Mopples
    Today is the day. Hardly slept last night. Hopefully only another 2 hours and we have our emails! Good luck girls
  6. by   newbie12
    Good luck Mopples! I've started to beat myself up all over my interview again... I'm so scared for this email, but I just want to know.
  7. by   Mopples
    My email just came. I'm on an eligibility list so much uncertainty.
  8. by   newbie12
    I'm so sorry to hear that Mopples. I know its hard to take it in, but don't give up, there is still second round offers.
  9. by   Mopples
    Apparently it is only a rejection from Sch, not all my preferences. POW etc don't send out offers till the afternoon. We have a Facilitor working as pool on the ward and she informed me of the UBS and outs.
  10. by   Annie07
    I was placed on the eligibility list too
  11. by   Mopples
    Annie, was that a letter from rhw? I have been informed that that is the response from your first preference. We wait now for notification from our 2nd preferences onwards.
  12. by   Annie07
    Yep that was it. Oh wow haha this could be one very disappointing day.
  13. by   Mopples
    Mine was from kids. Assuming you haven't heard anything else. We just have to wait for one of our other preferences.