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I am in the process of looking at grad positions for 2013 and I read that applicants only receive an interview at their first choice hospital. I am torn between Sydney Childrens Hospital and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. Are... Read More

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    this post may be a old but just in case someone is still on it.

    I have a new grad interview for the same periop program at RPA and would also like to know what question the panel may have asked.


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    it depends whether you want to work with children or adults, really. at rpa you could try for nicu as a second rotation but it's very competitive (and potentially interview based now, too). sch and rwh are both pretty competitive, too, with limited places (rpa has a lot more jobs on offer, being a bigger hospital) but all three are great places to work
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    According to the information given at one info night I went to, RPA is the most competitive to get into. We were told that last year, they did 700 interviews and they only take 130-150 of those.

    You just have to prepare yourself and go in there and give it your best shot. The pretty standard questions are why you want to work there, how are you prepared, something related to OH & S, EEO and a couple of case studies. They don't do med calc tests (although I heard Westmead kids did last year) an we were told nothing clinical. They know you are nervous, so just take your time, think about your answers and give it your best shot

    I have my interview in 2 weeks at Sydney Children's.
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    I have my interview at RHW in 3 weeks. This is so scary haha, like everything we have worked so hard for depends on this one interview.

    I also think there will be a question about team work and not getting along with a co worker.

    Good luck everyone!
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    Good luck I had thought of that as well. From the examples I have seen, they mix the teamwork in with the scenarios. Have also seen one on bullying and also medications (when giving DD's)
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    I had my interview on Wednesday. I was very happy with it. I had a bit of a shaky start by forgetting my personal attributes, but pulled it together for the last 5 questions. Now to wait for 5th October.

    Good luck on Monday Annie.
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    Hi Mopples,

    I'm so glad your interview went well! Thank you for the luck, I'll post next week about it.
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    Oh my goodness Mopples I had such a bad interview. It started with the attributes question and I had an answer planned but completely went blank! Then after mumbling something out I rushed the rest of the questions. I can only remember 5/6 of them but I gave plain answers and forgot the STAR method. I really hope I'm just over analysing it and get offered a position in any of my 8 preferences. Fingers crossed!
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    Try not to stress to much. I know it's hard when you want something so much. Hopefully you get one of your top preferences if you do get RHW let me know if you have any questions about the area etc. POW (where I work) is on the same campus.

    My NUM was doing POW I interviews today and she said a lot of the applicants were very nervous.
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    Haha yeah it's definitely hard not to stress but luckily there's a lot of Uni work to do before the 5th of Oct to keep us busy In the end, at the very least, it was a great experience for future interviews. It's reassuring that other applicants were really nervous too (hopefully that doesn't sound bad). Let's update again when we know? Hopefully I'll need that advice Sydney was so confusing with trains, the monorail, buses and taxis lol it's like a maze.

    Good luck for SCH again!

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