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I am in the process of looking at grad positions for 2013 and I read that applicants only receive an interview at their first choice hospital. I am torn between Sydney Childrens Hospital and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. Are... Read More

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    Well there open. I wasnt going to do my application after exams, but I just want to do it. Think I have finalized my list of preferences.

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    Hi everyone.
    I'm going to apply to the perioperative program at RPA hospital so I'm wondering whether some of you guys have an idea about what kind of questions the panel are gonna ask in the interview.
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    are you stuck on Sydney? The POWH and RHW and SCH are in Randwick, Just bear in mind the cost of living in the Eastern Suburbs if you want to live close to work.
    Have you thought about The Gold Coast? There about to open a brand new tertiary hospital.
    Welcome to the Gold Coast University Hospital (GCUH)
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    @HandsomeLegs I'm applying for Brisbane and the Gold Coast too I don't think applications open until August though. Thanks for the link!

    @Alejanndro The only information I have is what @Mopples posted on the first page. Maybe google 'common nursing interview questions'?
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    Alejanndro, maybe have a chat with your Uni lecturers, they should be able to give you some more tips. As far as I know, they will always ask something OH & S related, ask you how you are prepared for the position, a situation/case study, strengths/weaknesses.

    One facilitator at work the other day told me to make my weaknesses strengths or something along those lines.
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    Thanks moppies.
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    Depends where you want to aim at: paeds or general! They are both great hospitals (I have worked at both).
    Some people say if you start working at paeds it can be hard to branch out into adults in the future, but I disagree with that.
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    Hi @Canned_bread. Thank you for your reply My preference list changed completely when I applied and both hospitals ended up lower on the list than I expected.
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    Also guys, I've done an interview before for new grad (unfortunately my graduation was delayed cos I had to leave uni due to family issues). Anyway, I remember a few questions. One was if one patient wanted to go to the toilet, another patient needed vitals check due to hanging blood, and another patient needed medication, and then an emergency arose, what would I do? They want the answer team work and prioritisation I presume. The other question was about identifying dangers (such as a roof leak) and what to do (alert those around you, inform head, write IIMS report, put a sign up, tell cleaner, tell maintenance).
    Also, there was 3 or 4 interviewers there from memory. These days with NSW health it has to be a mixture of male and female interviewers anddd that's about it.
    Good luck to everyone!
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    Thanks again Canned_bread All of this information is very helpful.

    Has anyone heard back about interviews? They start on the 6th of August so we should be contacted soon. Hopefully anyway as I will be travelling interstate.

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