Westmead Children Hospital,New Grad 2013 Positions

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    Hi everyone,
    Was just wondering if anyone else got an interview at westmead childrens?
    Being from NZ and travelling over for the interview (and if i get a position) I am just wondering where the best place would be to live around there?
    Cheers Carley

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    Having lived around the area in the past. Avoid Merrylands and the surrounding suburbs. Probably look in the suburbs north of Westmead.

    21 days to go until offers
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    Goodluck with your offers!

    If you don't want to live right out as far west as Westmead you can look at areas like Ryde and Dennistone and Eastwood that all area on the train line both to Westmead (short trip) and the city/inner Sydney (slightly longer trips).

    Parramatta might be an option as well - one or two stops on the train.

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