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Hi guys, Just joined the site :yes:. I'm a UK Registered Nurse with almost 3 years experience in aged care. I want to find out more about aged care nursing in australia and people's experiences of workin in both private and... Read More

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    From what I have heard, the aged care ward in the hospital where I work also have AIN's for 4 or 6 hours on the morning shift to help out with the showers etc. the cardiology ward where I work (as a ward clerk) is 1:4 on mornings, 1:5 on afternoon & 1:7 on nights. However, if there is a pt requiring a special, that now needs to come out of the ward numbers, therefore increasing the ratio. Not sure how it works in the aged care wards though.
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    Hi tristaniel

    Haven't been on here for quite a few months and am interested to find out how things are working out for you? Are you still in the same role? I'm at the end stages of securing a visa so will be applying for jobs very soon which is a bit daunting!

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