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Practice intramuscular injection with nurse students on each other is standard way how to teach/learn intramuscular injection in Europe - UK/Germany/Etc. Of course only with students agreement. ... Read More

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    What are you hoping to gain from this thread.. I am a bit lost.

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    Main goal was to find somebody who have experience with students practice intramuscular injection on each other in Australia (the reason is more explained in my first few posts). I am glad for any sharing personal experience of nurse or student with teaching/learning/practice IM and so this thread is also about how the practice of intramuscular injection looks like in Australia.

    It is also about sharing experience that some students who were going to finish in few days nurse studies at TAFE were afraid (not confident or even scared) to give IM to patients because for some of them all their experience was pricking oranges.
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    I know you are specifically looking for Australian practices but I completed my degree in New Zealand in 2001 and we practiced IMIs on each other. We used sterile water for injection and teeny 26g needles. It was quite intimidating initially as we didn't want to hurt each other but as our clinical tutors advised, patients are real people too. Of course this was all done in the simulated units with clinical tutors observing, it was a teaching session after all. We got the orange first but oranges lack muscle fiber. We never practiced deep IMIs. I am not sure if the students still do practice on each other. I realise it doesn't set a precedent for Australia but it's not like New Zealand is a third world education provider either.
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    it helps prepare nurses for similar scenarios..
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    Since this thread was started, I asked around and one client of mine was a nurse in the 1940's and they practised on each other and apparently the educator sister was in deep trouble because of that practise then.

    This is the only example I have found in Australia so far.

    So on the premise of the original poster then, nurses in Australia from the 1940's have been poor im administrators of IMI who lacked confidence.
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    biancah thank you for sharing experience. From global view New Zealand experience is very close to what I need :-). I appreciate that.
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    ceridwyn thank you. May I know approximately how many people and with what relationship to nursing you asked?

    And I am sorry, but I don't understand why you wrote this:

    Quote from ceridwyn
    So on the premise of the original poster then, nurses in Australia from the 1940's have been poor im administrators of IMI who lacked confidence.
    I have never written anything even close to this hypothesis. Only that practice IM on each other is under some circumstances good way to learn/teach IM and definitely better than pricking oranges - which can be first step I am not against at all.

    If you want quote what I wrote, please feel free to quote it. But don't make things up and make it look I wrote it, thank you.

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