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  1. I notice there are many websites nowadays asking nurses to gain CPD points in online programs, what do the members think of this type of education, do you see it as acceptable from a regulatory perspective for delivery of training to be other than face to face, and what do you look for in an online format, as there are a number of providers in the market whose courses are endorsed by RCNA and allocated points. Has anyone tried these out? and what do you think of them?
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  3. by   Kate_the_RN
    I know what you mean! I searched around for ages! I like ones where you can sense 'real people' behind it. I think it is ok to study online, because I like learning by myself, and absorbing the information at my own pace. I mean, I wouldn't get all my points online, but some 'refresh' topics, or theory based topics I like learning online.

    I've used Nurse CPD Online and I liked it. There was no membership, unlike some of the others, so I just bought one course last year and tried it out. I think it was around $30ish, and it took maybe an hour or two and I got a certificate with 2 CPD points. I liked it a lot and have used them a couple of times since. Their website is Nurse CPD Training Online Australia | Nurse CPD Training Online

    Hope this helps!

    (this is my first forum, I hope I didn't overload you!)