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Hey everyone Just a quick question for my aussie colleagues. Does Australia utilize acute care NPs? I am halfway through an ACNP program and in a couple of years my boyfriend and I would like to... Read More

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    Sorry but we have had Australian nurse post they met US requirements, sat and passed NCLEX and currently working in the US. ghillbert comes to mind.Each country has their own requirements both in training and in what they expect of their nurses and I agree like comparing apples and pears in regards which country is better

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    You are correct that in the past Australian nurses have sat NCLEX.If you read my posts.As of 2012, Australian BN do not meet minimum standards to sit state boards or be licensed.This is a fact that will effect nurses wanting to work in the USA.It is not fair as USA nurses can come here and work.I think it is due to the education requirements.It is comparing apples to oranges.The only University that was providing the peds/ob component and the USA accepted it for years was Deaken.I spoke to the head of there nursing and the USA no longer accepts it.California is the pushing force and it has hit phillipino nurses the worse.So as my original post states the NP from the USA will have no problem working here
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    I am an American that graduated high school in Minnesota and went to several US colleges, finally graduating from U of Maryland. Been in Australia 15 years and graduating with a B of Nursing in December. The high school and university system is better in Australia without the grade inflation. The reason it is 3 years is because Australian Universities do not force a year of general education classes like the US. High school grads are expected to know how to write, read and do math when they get there. My first year of university in the US consisted of basic English, political science, sociology, phyed, algebra...a waste of time and money caused by the bad high school education most receive there. My sister-in-law finished her nursing degree from a private university, well respected a few years ago. Her program was rubbish and didn't require even a sliver of clinical placement compared to my program.

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