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I was wondering if anyone would have any advice as to avenues of entering nursing when the new graduate program won't accept due to me graduating to early. I do not feel competent enough to go straight into being an RN with a... Read More

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    So, so sorry everyone!

    I completely overlook Australia/New Zeland in the original post. It's a shame your orientation is so minimal where you all are..if you can even call it "minimal" since it is next too nothing compared to what we in the U.S.A. receive from our hospitals in regards to training. For new grads, orientation is 12 weeks minimum for us here in the U.S.A. If you are accepted into an internship, the time frame changes to 6 - 18 months dependent upon the department/facility, etc. (example: 9-12+ months for RN in Intensive Care/NICU internship/orientation, 18 months for a Operating Room RN orientation).

    Again, my apologies for not realizing where you all are living.

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    Thanks for the encouragement given though and taking the time
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    I can't believe it - they have now offered me an interview because I was so persistent and they said that shows "initiative". I cried on the phone when the lady told me that I was so happy! Am applying for new grad positions in private hospitals as well just to keep my options open. Have a plan "B". I'm so excited, my dreams are coming true!
    Poop, charting, sputum, charting, gastronomy bags, charting and lots of love HERE I COME!
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