I am new

  1. hello there..
    I am new to this forum.
    I am 42 by the way and now I would like to change my career to nursing.

    I try to apply BN but rejected. Please help and stir me to the right directions..
    Do I have to to HLT51607 Diploma of Nursing (enrolled/division 2 Nursing) or
    Advanced Diploma in Nursing?
    and by the end of these will I be able to go further to Bachelor of Nursing H326?

    I have been reading all through and notice quite a lot of these nursing code and I am confused.

    I am in Melbourne.

    Your response to the above is highly appreciated.

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  3. by   AussieRN_1292
    Hi Alyssa

    I know how frustrating this can be for you. The Bachelor of Nursing will result in you becoming a Registered Nurse (RN). If you complete the Diploma of Nursing then at the end of the course you will be an Endorsed Enrolled Nurse (EEN). You will be able to gain employment both in Nursing Homes and Hospitals. I would suggest you gain experience as a personal carer, or assistant in nursing while studying as this will help you gain employment when you finish your qualification.

    If you complete the Diploma of Nursing you can then apply to enter the Bachelor of Nursing, you will receive a credit for the Diploma, and you will be required to do a further 2 years to complete the degree.

    The benefits of going the route is that you can gain employment as a EEN while you complete the degree. This will give you a handle of nursing care and you can also look around and see what area of nursing you might find interesting.

    I know that at the moment there are more nurses than positions available so it is a tough time to be entering nursing. So get as much hands on experience to compliment your education to place yourself in a good position. Don't discount being older, I was 42 when I completed my degree and I haven't looked back. I hated my old job (secretary) and I love my current one.

    Good luck