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Community Nursing in Australia

  1. 0 Hello everyone,

    I recently located to beautiful Queensland from the States and need an interview with home health, community health or public health Registered Nurse for my online BSN program. I promise it won't be super long, just five measly questions. I'm planning ahead, and have 3 weeks to complete it so there's no immediate rush. I would greatly appreciate the help seeing as I don't have my nursing friends back from home. Plus, I think it would provide my class (based in the USA) with a great alternative perspective.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Heya Britt - have you tried calling any of the services or hospitals ?? where abouts in QLD are you ?? When i was studying I was able to just call and talk to the nurses - no probs - good luck !
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    I haven't tried that yet. I'll give it a go Thanks
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    Hi bittybritty -
    I am also an American RN - moving to Melbourne in the coming year to be with my boyfriend. I have not started the process to register with AHPRA yet - dreading it! I am an ADN RN...not BSN, and I am still unsure if I can work in Australia as a Registerd Nurse (versus an Enrolled Nurse) with that degree. I do not want to bother to apply for Australian registration if they will not recognize me as an RN there. I see you mentioned you are working on your BSN - Congrats! Were you not able to work as an RN there with only an ADN? Would love to talk to you about it!