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Hey there! Sorry if this a repeat of several other topics..I've been reading through many threads, and there is so much information, I'm getting overloaded. I'm an RN currently working as a traveler in the US. I have almost 2... Read More

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    Has any US nurse on here stayed longer than the 1 year working holiday visa? Just wondering how difficult it is to get a skilled migration visa or employer-sponsored? Or maybe going back to school there and getting one that way?

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    @Yee213 I have been in Sydney since the beginning of March! I got an email from AHPRA stating they recd my application and that is all I know as of now! I am curious to know how your experiences have been working with the agencies here?
    From my understanding as soon as I am approved through AHPRA I can start signing up for open shifts? What is the orientation process for the first shift you showed up to work for? Did they just throw you in and learn the ropes or did they give you some sort of orientation?!
    If you or anyone else are still in Sydney we should meet up for a coffee!! If you can send me a personal message! Look forward to hearing back from you!
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    I occasionally get agency work, but I am Australian. Most orientations are a booklet in your face and a very quick tour of a ward if it is your first time there. As our drugs and orders are different to those of the us of A. A would get a MIMS and study the drugs common to you and also get a nursing book that explains I've rates. Agencies are supposed to give a drug medication calculation test before take you on.
    It will be a steep curve at first a would imagine. It's hard enough going somewhere new without it being in a different country as well. Good luck.

    Ps have you thought about joining a main hospitals nurse bank where you would get more mentoring and familiarity.?
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    Thanks for your response!
    I have been told the orientation process for agency is quick and fast so that was why I wanted to see how others experiences were! I did take a medication exam with the agency I am working with. But I agree I need to get a MIMS and study the drugs common to me as I have heard drug names here are different!
    I agree with you, it will be a steep curve I feel like and I've been a nurse for 6 years now! I am excited and ready to learn a new culture! I would love to join a main hospital. I want to be apart of a team like atmosphere but I have no idea how to even start that's why I thought agency would be the way to go? I still haven't been approved by AHPRA so I didn't think I should even apply until then. Do you suggest any hospitals in Sydney? Living in the northern Sydney area.
    What area of nursing do you work in?! I'm mainly recovery room.
    Thanks so much for all of your advice! I really appreciate you!
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    Nephron19 can you PM your email address? I am unable to send personal messages on here for some reason! Thanks!
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    Royal North Shore...the Seventh Day Adventist hospital known as the SAN...... Balmain, Macquarie University Hospital, there is plenty just google.
    If you have 6 years in recovery then you should get work in that area. It seem the only specialty really advertised to sound desperate.
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    Hi everyone!

    I submitted my application back in March and just got an email from the AHPRA that I am missing a few things. I have a few questions if someone could help me out!

    1) Professional references- did you get references from ALL previous employers or just most recent? The nurse manager from my first nursing job retired and the hospital restructed since I left so I am unsure how to proceed.

    2) Continued education- it says "You are required to provide evidence of any continuing professional development you have undertaken, specifically in the past 12 months. This will assist the Board in determining whether you meet the Standard - Nursing and Midwifery Continuing Professional Development Registration Standard" on that link it says you need 20 CEUs/year. Do I have to submit proof of 20 CEUs to get my license?

    3) The notary I used just stamped my documents with a seal and I thought that was sufficient (I've never had something notarized before!) but the documents must contain an original signature so I have to recopy and renotarized everything...just a tip for everyone out that who applies in the future- make sure it is properly signed!
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    Thanks for all of your insightful responses! They're a huge help to me who's just starting the process of getting registered.
    Could you please be more specific about their requests for additional information per receiving a BSN from an accelerated program? I also am a graduate from an accelerated BSN program and it didn't occur to me that it'd be more difficult to recognize! If you could give me the heads up on what to ask my school for, it would save me alot of headaches and such.
    Thank you so so much!!
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    Hi there

    Is it really compulsory to have band 7 before you are eligible to register under APHRA.
    I am saying this as i have spend a lot of money to sit the IELTS but only get band six.

    I am really interested to work in Australia.

    Grateful if any Nurse who are currently working in Australia to personally contact me through my email
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    If taught in english in America for at least 5 years then you are exempt from APHRA english tests, just have to prove you have completed this education, if however you want to apply for substantial visa you will be required to pass an english test.

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