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  1. Hello everyone! I'm new here although I had already been reading for a while. I decided to join because I am in desperate need of some guidance.I live in the Bronx in New York. I am 20 years old /female. I was going to college for nursing but I had to leave because it was too expensive for me. 40,000 a year. Luckily I got financial aid and that helped me pay off half, I owe the other part. Well the problem is that I do not feel in my heart that I would want to be a nurse. It's a bit of a contradiction because I love helping people and I love knowing I'm able to do so but it really is t my calling.I have not been able to go back to school, I applied for transfer to CUNY but since I'm still in debt with my prior college I can't do so. Well I am really depressed because I feel that I should already be doing something with my life, I have meditated a lot and I realized that I do not find something in college that appeals to me. But I do want a stable job... I came across ABC Training and I plan on going in for career training, I need a job, I want to feel self sufficient, I want to step ahead.I liked the EKG/Phlebotomy program, but I am really afraid that this may not be a good choice, I do not know if this has a "I can sustain myself" type of salary. Then I noticed they have a course for Nurse Tech, as well as medical assistant.I am confused and afraid because whatever I course I choose I will be paying it with my sacrifice so I do not want to invest on a career that may be of no decent pay or demand.I want to get a certification instead so that I can work and at the same time see if I want to further it into another area of study.All I know is that I am feeling like I'm running out of time, I feel stuck, now that I found this career training center/school I feel like I may have some luck there. But what would be the best here in New York City?Sorry if this came out long!
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    Please forgive some of my spelling mistakes, I am typing from a phone and it's hard with the auto spell check and word changes.
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    The EKG/Phlebotomy course is usually a pretty short course and it will get you a job and give you skills you can use if you decide to go on in nursing, whether it be Medical Assistant, LPN or RN. It can open doors for you. Someone that is good at phlebotomy is an asset. You may decide to pursue a career in the laboratory, who knows. But it will give some options and direction. I wish you the best for your future and your career choices.
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