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    After 20 years of direct care nursing (18+ as and ER nurse and 1 years in peri-op) I have decided what I want to do for the rest of my career - I would like to enter the arena of health policy/advocacy and government affairs. I am so excited to have come to this realization, and I am hoping that some of you might be able to provide me with guidance.

    In 2008 I had returned to school. I dropped out in 2011, 10 credits shy of BSN completion mostly because I lost my motivation as Ididn't know what I wanted to do in the future (I was in a RN/MSN program). In December I re-enrolled with the intention of completing my MSN (Nurse Educator specialty), and then enrolling in a MPH program. I figured I might work one or two days a week teaching clinical at a community college while completing my MPH. I became aware of a joint MSN/MPH program that is located in the state where I reside, and I am now wondering if maybe it would be better to finish my BSN (I will be done this summer) and sacrifice the 9 graduate credits I have taken at my current school and enter the joint program.

    My dream job would be to become the Director of Government Affairs for the ANA - but I realize that even if I were to be eligible for that role someday, it would be way, way, way in the future. In the interest of becoming more involved in health policy and government affairs now, I have joined the ANA and my state nurses association. I have also become involved with my local chapter of the Emergency Nurses Association (I had been a member of the ENA for a while, but never became involved) and I have joined one of their committees

    So I would appreciate any input as to whether or not my educational objectives are appropriate for the type of career I would like to pursue - positions that come to mind would include lobbyist, legislative committee aide, nurse activist for a public or private organization, health policy advisor (or any similar positions that you might work in). Also, I would appreciate any information as to how you arrived at your career destination if you are currently working in these types of settings. And finally, if you have any ideas how I might be better prepared for a career in health policy or government affairs, I would love to hear them!

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