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I have a burning desire to share something with fellow nurses who are interested in sharing support with each other about our careers. We are currently standing on a threshold of change. Who we are... Read More

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    Lots of wisdom and food for thought on these posts. I hope I can find a job that allows me to be a positive role model, a caring and knowledgeable nurse to my patients, and an asset to those staff nurses who need my help. I would like to feel that I can learn a new way do to a procedure or treatment but I do not want to be made to feel "outdated" when I do something the way I was taught x years ago. I need a NM and a CN who is actively supporting the staff. A hospital that values employee's and would like to keep trained staff. I like to smile and wish my co workers a good day. I want to be able to give the benefit of doubt when something is not done that did not really effect patient care but only my ability to jump into my tasks after report. I am still proud to say I am a Registered Nurse. I want to remain a Registered Nurse until I cannot walk. I just want other people and staff to appreciate that over 20 years in the trenches has enable them to get the better salaries, vacations and holiday pay, berevement leave and sick time. I could go on and on. Like the post stated, stress can be the driving force behind a lot of the negative aspects we all face in nursing today. I understand I am responsible for my own actions regarding a incident/circumstance, but sometimes I have to blow and it is not fair to expect the family to take the brunt of my stress when it is strictly a job related issue. I hope this is not too boring and that in the end we all attempt to be the best nurse we can be everyday, the patients need us.

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    Originally posted by -jt
    Are you saying you have a sense of satisfaction and self worth because you worked like a dog, all the work got done, & the doctors had no complaints all day? A lot of nurses would not agree with you that this is what we are there for - and that would not make them wrong or any less of a good nurse.

    No, that is not what I am saying. "Allowed myself to see my growth in the OR" #1 reason I stated "my patients all did well in the OR" My patients welfare contributes intensely to my "sense of satisfaction" # 2 stated reason "none of the surgeons had complaints during the day" There are two important points to me in this statement. The first being that the surgeons can make life miserable in the OR, In our facility we have a mechanism to detour negative physian behaviors. We have forms we can fill out and follow through does occur. I have utilized this mechanism in the past. On this day I had to look at the fact that there was not negative behaviors displayed in the OR by physicians. This makes me feel that our system for detouring such behavior has made improvements. my second point being "no complaints" I could not have made that statement 2 years ago. This tells me the cases were prepared appropriately. If the correct equipment....instruments ect are not presented for the case it prolongs time the patient is under anesthesia,putting the patient at higher risk. The Docs will definitely let you know if you have not prepared appropriately. Yes, the doctors opinions mean something to me. I respect many of them. Does my sence of satisfaction hinge on them....no.
    The 3rd reason I stated was that "in between cases the nurses that had time had come in and helped me set my room up." Teamwork is awesome. I love the fact I work with a group of nurses that are there to help.....function as a team.

    My last statement however best describe the point I was trying to make when I posted the story. "I have to remind myself of the difference between a true problem that needs to be resolved and the pitty pot."

    Accountability for my actions..........What would I have presented to management as my problem? That I had to work hard my 12 hour shift?I had my breaks...I did not have to stay overtime..there were people there that helped me."all the work" did not get done, the last case I started was still going , as well as another OR room.
    Accountability....I go to work with the expectation I will be working for my full 12 hour shift....if it becomes to much for this aging woman I will have to consider changing to 8 hour shifts....my choice.....my option.
    I would rather reserve going to management with problems that have much more validity than the story I presented.

    I agree whole heartily with the survey results. I have spent years beating my head into the wall, attempting to produce the changes needed. Sometimes successful....sometimes not.
    To me part of being accountable is to not "ignore" or "sweep the causes under the rug" I would never deny that there are many problems and that many changes need to be made. I actively pursued these changes.

    I simply do not want the be the "individual nurse" "burnt out nurse" the one that is emotionally battered. I got out of one job of which I found I could not produce positive changes.....and I will do it again if needed. I did not like the person I was turning into one bit. I demanded " an improvement in the situation that was causing it" and did not get the results I needed. So I improved my situation and found another job.

    There is never an excuse (to me) to eat our own. I do not care how burnt out I was....never never did I see my rude, inappropriate, demeaning behaviors towards my peers,to be validated by anything.

    I stand by my statement "take off the rose colored glasses of denial that we are helpless. and start helping each other to help ourselves." I refuse to be victimized. I feel that the first change , the change I have control over.......is to look in my own backyard first......then I will be better equipped to make changes in the profession as a whole. one more time accountability for my actions, carreer. Attempting a more positive attitude does not mean ignore the problems.....it means living in the solution not living in the problem. Anyone got a drink, my throat is dry from doing all this typing..

    :chuckle :chuckle
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    So very well stated!! Fantastic post cwissy!! What a great way to start the revolutiion (yes, revolution) that is needed in nursing. Perhaps I should say revival rather than revolution or perhaps elements of both, a revolution based on a revival of the basics of what it is and what it means to be a professional RN. Accountability, what a novel concept!! Great post, great thread, very positive, can't argue against it!!
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    I chose to edit the two posts I made here out. Too long..past history. We can learn many things from our history. I choose to keep the knowlege and dump the trash.
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    edited part two.

    remember the part where i said "we got it." "we were finally going to get to provide safe care to our patients"???? we won...... we got what we wanted......we did not know what to do with it!!!!!!!!!!!!
    we had spent so many years working on getting the right.....that we truly did not know what to do when we had it. we were unorganized. (we did not keep it long)

    i have been fighting the "nursing shortage" to provide safe care for my patients my entire career......that is why i say it is improving. i see it in the news now, i see it in magazines, i see facilities addressing the issue, not enough but it has started. i do not see management as our enemy.....even with the story i just presented......they are no different than us.....some good, some not.......many have the potential to do great things.......they need us as much as we need them. most of them are nurses too are they not?
    (nurses do need to ban together,,,,all nurses.......)

    remember the saying about hindsight...........a second chance to correct it......hmmmm
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    OTE]Originally posted by ainz
    So very well stated!! Fantastic post cwissy!! What a great way to start the revolutiion (yes, revolution) that is needed in nursing. Perhaps I should say revival rather than revolution or perhaps elements of both, a revolution based on a revival of the basics of what it is and what it means to be a professional RN. Accountability, what a novel concept!! Great post, great thread, very positive, can't argue against it!! [/QUOTE]

    [B]So very well stated!! Fantastic post cwissy!! What a great way to st
    Thanks ainz and all the others that have encouraging words. I told my story and then deleted it. It had alot of the negative discouraging events that I had seen as a nurse. I believe before I can be a positive part of the "revolution" I need to be able to let go of the negative feelings and move forward. I am not saying let go of the valuable lessons......but resentments or painful events that may hold me back. Clear the slate and start fresh.
    I believe that was something that defeated our efforts once we attained the power. Our own attitudes . For me that is the first thing I have to ajust before I will be able to do justice in any framework towards improving the nursing field. I am glad I have this site, where people were kind and patient, and allowed me to dump the trash effictivly. Cwissy
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    ainz, now that i have completed my first step of holding myself accountable for the words i have stated so freely on these post(looked at my own attitude...and will try to continue to do so) i would like to start my second step.

    empowerment ........
    for any administators, managers ect.. i have a question.
    is there ways, as a staff nurse, that i can help empower you, so that you may empower the nursing staff?

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