Help! I Can't Find Quantitative Research

  1. Hello All,

    I am doing a paper on nurse bullying. I also have to submit a paper critiquing research on this issue, only it has to be quantitative only. I haven't been able to find one study using only a quantitative method. :uhoh21: I think to study this subject both methods should be used. Opinion and perception play a huge role in this issue and therefor q qualitative method would be appropriate in my opinion. But, I have to find a study using the other.

    Any info and help would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   jjjoy
    Do you have access to CINAHL at your school? If so, you can search the topic and look at the indexing (all of the terms that reference the topic and type of study it is). If any statistics were used, it is usually noted. Statistics = quantitative. You can try searching in combination with the term "quantitative research" as well as statistical terms such as "chi square test." Look for titles that include terms that reference quantity or degree such as "majority" "many" "number" "pervasive" (eg "Nurse bullying pervasive in county") as it may indicate some kind of measurement, likely in the form of survey. A study might quantify nurse perception of bullying, for example "45% of surveyed nurses perceived bullying as a problem."

    Also, if you have access to a medical library, ask the librarian for assistance. If your school doesn't have this, there still may be a local university or hospital with a medical library you can access. Tell the librarian that you're a nursing student and what you're looking for and they would probably love to help you.

    Good luck!!
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