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Does Obamacare 2014 allow only BSRN degrees to sit for NCLEX-RN? Not diploma or associate degree RN? A student I talked to yesterday said that SNAP (Student Nurses' Association of PA) was saying that is true for Pennsylvania,... Read More

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    LOL! LOL! LOL! man some people will believe anything.

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    I agree. I am a BSN Student and have been told many things.. like "you only want to work in a MAGNET hospital", blah, blah... my teacher has literally said "if you don't want to be a leader than take the bus to the community college".. Many rumors are started in the nursing field, even though we are supposed to be the "most trusted" profession. Give BPENG a break, s/he may have learned wrong. As far as sitting for the NCLEX, yes, it will all be the same. Although the IOM report may expect a little too much as far as their goals for 2020, there has come a time when, in my state, diploma schools have been completely transferred into BSN programs. Will that eventually happen with ADN programs, who knows, who cares... let's just stop the bullying of each other, it's a little excessive!
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    From what I know as a BSN student myself and from working at a hospital as a Pharmacy Tech in the past and talking with the ICU charge nurse at that time(just a few months ago), not to mention, having friends who are nurses at the other local hospitals, a BSN degree is a PREFERENCE to hospitals and not a requirement. Even though, that trend may change in the upcoming years...As far as the NCLEX goes, usually a state's BON regulates who is eligible to test and not federal entities.
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    Quote from Streamline2010
    ^^ That is the most asinine response, yet. If you had bothered to read through the entire thread, you'd have seen that I originally posed the question in the in the STUDENT section because I wanted to know what STUDENTS were hearing. I live in PA. We have a lot of diploma schools in the western part of the state, and also community colleges that offer the associate degree. I'm just wondering if I'd be wasting my time going through that schooling only to be told at the end of it that I can't do anything without the BS degree. If that's the case, nursing wouldn't be worth my pursuing, because I am a single adult who already has vocational skills, and it would be more fiscally prudent for me to use them as opposed to invest in a diploma or associate degree RN, unless that RN schooling alone is sufficient to immediately put me back in the workforce at $21/hour or better. Capise now? Troll, yourself.

    Thank you for that concise answer, KarenRN.
    Just to reply to this specific post, I think if you are going to return to school in order to pursue another field of study, whether it be nursing or otherwise, I think you should get the most out of the experience. Especially if, as you describe yourself to be, a "single adult who already has vocational skills". At least, that is my point of view on things, which is why I decided to go to a school that offers a BSN rather than an ADN. Yes, it is fiscally more expensive, but in my situation, there is a 2-3 year waiting list for community colleges just to get an ADN degree, not to mention, like you, I too, am a single adult who already has "vocational skills" in the form of another associate's degree and health care experience to boot. So why not further my education?

    Besides, I want to start my nursing career as soon as possible! Not sit on a waiting list year after year.

    That is just my view on things.

    However, the advice you should take away from this forum and what many others have stated before me is: verify the information you hear from others for yourself, since you have that power.

    Good luck!
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    Just because it's healthcare related and you don't like it, that doesn't mean it should be blamed on Obamacare.

    My grandma died in a hospital 10 years ago. Obamacare!

    My hospital is requiring us to wear all white scrubs. Obamacare!

    I called in twice a week for 4 months and was fired. Obamacare!

    Before blaming something on PPACA, actually look at the bill, or at least read a summary from a credible source.
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    Wooh- lol that was so funny!! Rotfl
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    I personally think it is a good idea because you need the critical thinking skills to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients. But some of the best nurses I know only have an ADN. We will see what happens. Hope this helps.
    Yep, that helps alot- ADN's and diploma RN's do absolutely no critical thinking.

    Hey Sandra Dee-"schooling" "vocational skills" can we please stop yapping like we are from a bad"Tammy and the Millionaire" film!!
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    Quote from NICU:)
    I agree. I am a BSN Student and have been told many things.. like "you only want to work in a MAGNET hospital", blah, blah..!
    *** The irony of that is that lots of experienced nurses would prefer to NOT work in a Magnet hospital other things being equal.
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    Thank you NICU,

    I really thought this forum was to discuss, and learn from eachother. Not to attack one another for asking questions. No questions are dumb, just the ones that are not asked... can we say mistake?
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