The Affordable Care Act - Strengthening Medicare - page 2

Nearly 50 million older Americans and Americans with disabilities rely on Medicare each year. The new health care law makes Medicare stronger by adding new benefits, fighting fraud, cutting costs, and improving care for... Read More

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    I remember back in 2004 when Obamacare caused our ratios to go up. And a bunch of doctors stopped admitting to the hospital because of Obamacare in 2005!
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    Maybe I dont get it. More people in the system + less $$ coming in + "free" services = money saved?
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    The graphic provided was from the White House website, so we can expect it to be biased. According to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, the Affordable Care Act is taking millions from Medicare in order to pay for other parts of the ACA and has put Medicare on a path to bankruptcy much quicker than it currently is.

    Healthcare reform is certainly needed and while this administration has some good ideas, the bad ideas seem to be catastrophic.
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    Absolutly on point! health care reform because we can't afford it in it's current state. Providing more care to more people? I doubt it. But there are more ways to make it more affordable. Utilize advanced deegree nurses, allow RNs to perform certain protocols ex: of I complain of sore throat can the RN do a rapid strep and treat?
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    ... there's no money taken From medicare...

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