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  1. Hey all, this is my first post here so bear with me. I'm a new college graduate currently enrolled in an AmeriCorps program and looking at what to do after I get out. I've always been interested in public service positions, and after some years of toying with the idea of becoming a police officer, fireman, etc. my mom suggested nursing to me. She's an ICU nurse at a local hospital with 20+ years of experience under her belt.

    Now, I've been looking around at different opportunities for nursing education and I have some questions. I graduated college with a BA in English, so I have little to no science or mathematics courses. Plus, I have a learning disability in math, and while I'm not a stranger to hard work I do worry about not being able to be effective in class or on the job. My mom says that once you're on the job much of the formulas are taken care of for you, but I bet instructors still want you to know the nuts-and-bolts of theory. Last but not least, I do have a manageable speech impediment.

    I've looked at accelerated BSN programs, and I am interested in them but I don't have many of the prerequisites and hesitant about my math and science skills. Do people think that a potential employer would look well upon a BA and an Associates in Nursing? To be honest, at the moment I'm leaning more towards an Associates because I'm wondering whether or not a second Bachelors would be little more than a lateral move for me.

    Any comments, questions, suggestions, etc. would be very welcome, both in regards to my questions about education and about my fears about my disabilities. I'm interested in the more emergent side of nursing--ER, flight nurse, etc.--if that would help anyone with their comments.
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