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Hey everyone, Current BSN student here seeking advice, tips, help with an issue I'm sure a lot of my fellow students have struggled with. First a little background.. I am in my 4th semester of nursing school, which... Read More

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    I struggled many times in nursing school because of my anxiety and depression. The fact that you are struggling does not necessarily mean you are not suited to be a nurse. You may just have to find your niche. Maybe psych nursing, case management, nursing homes, home health, rehab. Some nurses and doctors do not work well with psych patients for many reasons. But you may be a great psych nurse if you have a passion for it and I already know you have and understanding of serious mental disability and can relate to psych patients which many in healthcare do not. Which will give you an edge over other nurses. You can always find a slower paced less challenging nursing job that fits you. BUT DO NOT DROP OUT BECAUSE OTHERS DO NOT UNDERSTAND YOUR MENTAL ILLNESS. As long as its in your heart to help people, I say stick with it and you will find the right fit for yourself. And as far as not doing well in nursing school well welcome to the club! There are a many great nurses out there that didn't get stellar grades in nursing school. Who you are in college does not define who you will be in the real world. But you will have to work hard to treat your illnesses ,psychatrist, therapy, self care, do research and don't be in denial that it is affecting your life still or a certain medication is not working. I know you can do because I have gone through the same thing.
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    I struggled with anxiety and depression throughout nursing school. While I have never been hospitalized for it, I really understand the toll it can take on every day life. My best advice would be to not give up. It sounds like you also might be stuck in a lack of motivation. I feel that way a lot of the time. I have found that what works best for me is being involved. The more involved I am (reading forums about nursing, chatting about it, volunteering for groups at the hospital or on campus), the better I tend to feel. If I'm at home left to myself for long periods of time I just end up getting lazy and depressed. So find what works for you - maybe talk with a counselor if you don't already to help you get through this. It's worth it once you finally reach graduation.
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    Do not let the present define your future. You will find your place.
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    Hey everyone, I'm not sure if anyone still follows this post but I wanted to thank you all for the advice your have provided. I also wanted to thank those of you who have shared your personal stories with me. I hadn't replied to this thread initially because it provided as a painful reminder to what I am dealing with. Visiting it again a couple months later, I am glad to let you all know that I am in a much better place. A much more peaceful and kind place actually. Currently, I am progressing in my nursing program and am taking the next steps towards my future career slowly but surely
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    I just wanted to pop over here and say I struggle with this too! I have major depressive disorder and GAD, it ruined everything for me at the university when I was pursuing a BS in Psychology and I ended up not finishing. I was hospitalized several times, but haven't been since early (Feb/March) 2012. I recently moved back to my hometown area for a fresh start (the whole city I was in before was triggering to me, long story) and it was the best decision ever. I'm now confident enough to start nursing school (I was going to do an accelerated BSN program after I got my BS in psych, I've always wanted to be a nurse) this fall while working as a CNA. I am long recovered from self-injury, though I struggle with managing/hiding scars, and I take Xanax prn for my anxiety; I'm looking into resuming an antidepressant. It's such a relief to see a board for (future) nurses with illnesses like anxiety and depression.
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