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Hi everyone. I am soon to graduate and I had a minimally invasive hip replacement 3 years ago d/t hereditary issues. I was wondering what your thoughts on a nurse working with a hip replacement are. When I had the surgery, the... Read More

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    hi i know you made this post a long time ago but reading your story really made me happy. because i am 19 years old and when i was 12 i couldn't walk anymore because i had an unbearable pain in my hip. it turned out that the cartilage in my hip deteriorated and i had to get my hip fused. when i am in my late 20s i will need a total hip replacement. i really want to be a nurse, i think i would be so good at it and it would make me proud of myself. the only thing is that i am scared that my hip wont be able to handle all of the physical activity. i have no pain anymore and when people meet me they dont even know that anything is wrong with me. i want to go to school for to be a nurse but my hip is the only thing holding me back.

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    I know this thread is old but I just found's a subject near and dear to me....I have had bilateral hip replacements in 2001 and 2002 (not mini invasive either).....GREATEST thing I ever did....I had avascular necrosis....without the replacements I would be in a wheelchair right now....

    I have continued my RN career....the whole key is a good rehab...really work at physical therapy...I have not had 1 minute of pain or discomfort since my rehab was finished and unless I think about it, I dont' even know I have hip replacements......

    and by the 2006 I had Bilateral knee replacements...and they are just a wonderful....and yes, I am still working.

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    I've had a hip replacement and it increased my mobility and decreased my pain. As long as you're not doing acrobatics and hyperflexing the hip, you should be fine, esp. wtih the type of replacement you had.

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