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  1. I am a recent graduate of mechanical engineering/process technology and working on masters in occupational safety and health. My dilema is that in 2004 I injured my back at work and have dealt with it ever since, it did not stop me from doing good in school. I have spent countless hundreds of hours reasearching spine, spine disorders, participating in spine forums. It has become a passion as well as a neccessity for me and has led to proper diagnosis in several parts of my spine treatment life that I was able to conversate and bring up points about the symptoms I was having. I have been treated by several NP in spine centers and I always seem to blow their mind with my knowledge of spine and they ask why I dont go into something like they are in.
    I grad. and began work again and its ok, but this year I was looking at some spine clinic and there was a NP who works at a spine clinic, is involved in diagnosing, reasearch on spine, trials etc. That is what I need to be doing, I feel I bring a wealth of info since I lived with spine problems and been to some of the best spine surgeons in US.
    I want to become an NP and work to specialize in spine and work in spine care/diagnosis, I think I would be fulfilled for rest of my life helping others battle this terrible condition. But with that said I really dont desire a career in any part of nursing other than this part, I love kids, and people. I feel I would be good at it but its not my passion or where I feel I could do most good.
    So I guess what I am asking is would it be reasonable for a 33 yr old man with spine problems ( in shape though) to return to school with goal of being a NP and going into spine treatment centers. Preferrably there are several places across US that I would like to work due to prestigious spine doctors there ( after gaining exp). I guess life with spine issues and working for money does not seem worth much , but if I could turn this 10 yr struggle into something worthwhile for others and myself I just feel it would be justification for losing so much from the spinal issues over the years is that it was leading me to this,I kind of feel a calling but just dont know if I am being unrealistic in my pursuit.
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    Please don't give up! People with spine issues have so much pain and so little options. My husband at 55 has DDD of his entire lumbar spine and was told "you have to live with it". We knew each other 20 years ago had a son together and where separated. Our 22 year old brought us back togther and we were married april 2011.
    Don't give up on your dreams. I'm 46 and have more problems than you, but I can tell you have the heart and the drive to it. If you want to know what i've overcome, read my post Teaching Nursing or not, Time to Quit? under nursing specialites, nursing education. Not that I'm special but I believe there are nurses out there like us....
    Best of everything!