NA with bum knee, on permanent restrictions. Help! NA with bum knee, on permanent restrictions. Help! | allnurses

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NA with bum knee, on permanent restrictions. Help!

  1. 0 Long story short, I injured my knee at work in a hospital, had surgery, extensive rehab, and have now been told by my surgeon that it's as good as it's going to get. I have a bad limp, still require use of a cane at times, and have permanent restrictions. To work, I have to sit continuously for a 8 hr shift, or can only be on my feet for a max of 6 hrs "with rests". The PT who did my FCE said that I would have to be able to sit down frequently and for long periods to elevate and ice my knee. I am never allowed to lift, carry, push, or pull more than 50 lbs.

    The hospital said that my restrictions fall into the NA job description and that I am to come back to it. Taking the "on my feet" requirements out of the equation, as the hospital says my 30 minute lunch and 2 ten minute breaks will take care of that, the 50 lb restriction will keep me from pushing a patient in a wheelchair, assisting with ambulation, transferring a pt to chair or bed, and doing complete bed baths or turning and positioning pts who are incapacitated. I work an ortho floor that requires lots of heavy lifting and pulling. And we can't use lift equipment when pts have to get up/down and walk as part of their rehab.
    The only thing left that I can do would be vitals, passing ice, setting up rooms for admits, and making unoccupied beds. They are expecting me to do everything within the job description when I return. I have requested transfer to Unit Sec jobs (which I have been cross-trained for), monitor tech jobs, and even registration, multiple times and they have refused. At this moment, there are multiple offerings of those jobs vacant and on the list.

    I was a damn good NA, and loved it. But seriously, would you want me working under your license if I can't keep a pt from falling and being injured or safely assist a fresh total hip or knee to a chair?