Making up for a lot of lost time

  1. Hi all,

    I am an RN who has spent many years out of commision, so to speak b/c of depression, substance abuse problems, etc.
    I have not much experience as a nurse right from when I graduated 20 yrs ago, as I had problems in nursing school. I have 'refreshed twice' (done a nursing refresher course twice)..and I really want to stay in this career now and not have to start all over again. I'm getting to old for that!
    So, I'm working in a sub acute hospital (rehab), and it's going alright, but I have to say; I struggle with some things in my manner of working and I also seem to have quite a few knowledge gaps.
    I did work in home health, and a dr's office but a lot of things in those areas are not even remotely like work as a nurse in a hospital.
    How can I get up to speed faster? I feel my knowledge is basic, but have days when I feel I should know more that I do. It is very humbling. The grad nurses seem much brighter and knowledgable to me, which is also a 'hard pill to swallow'.
    I also struggle with just 'getting organized' and 'getting things done'...and consequently miss some very important things, such as daily wound care, or missing a glucose test. I don't know why I can't get more organized. I keep a 'cheat sheet' but still struggle to get it all done. Does this get better?
    Pt load is usually 7 pt's, and I usually don't have a clue where/whom I'll be caring for at any given shift as I'm casual. I find out at report.
    I have only been back working in nursing for 3 mo's, part time.

    Any feedback greatly appreciated!
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