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Hello all, I usually lurk here in the shadows, occassionally throwing a coment in here and there. I thank you all for being around, even more lately. :saint: Some may remember about a year and a half ago, I gradually... Read More

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    I certainly wish you the best in your struggles. I also think that part of the problem is what I call the new "alphabet soup game" in Nursing. I think it is a great disservice to the profession that more emphasis is placed on the letters after the name, than the experience. I know that my nursing school was one that crammed 4 years of nursing skills into 2. Many of my classmates, including me, already had 4 to 6 years of college. The point I am trying to make is that I see a frightening pattern here where, even if nurses organize, they will have traded a historical trend of "at the hospital admins' mercy, for now being at the mercy of "graduate level" nurses who may or may not have much real world nursing experience. I am not trying to discredit the efforts of those who seek higher levels of education. I have just learned that much of nursing is learned in the field; just as is police work, fighting fires,etc. I, unfortunately, believe that we are still many miles from "taking care of our own". I would love to hear others views on this.

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    for your post. I don't have diabetes but I am at high risk: >200-lbs., sedentary, high triglycerides,severe sleep apnea, ultra high stress life.:redlight: My elderly mother was diagnosed type 2 this year; she has pretty serious neuropathy in her feet. My younger sister was diagnosed type 1 when she was 37 and she has talked about some of the issues she has, like insulin resistance and fatigue.

    But no one has ever put it down for me in black & while like you did. Frankly, it sounds awful and I really don't ever want to go there. Your post gave me the kick in the seat I need to get up and take my health seriously before I pass the point of no return.:trout: So far my fastings are great and no symptoms of DM, but I feel like it's only a matter of time if I don't take drastic steps to renovate my life and my thinking.

    So today I found a Weight Watchers group and signed up. I could do it online, but I know myself--going in once a week will keep me on track when I have to be accountable. then I had a massage to address my stress. And then I visited a yoga class--it seems like something that might help reduce stress and improve my mental health as well as physical health. Plus it's no impact or low impact. Yay knees!

    Thank you once again.:bowingpur You may have saved my life.
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    Best of luck to you!!!

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