any issues with EHR/EMRs?

  1. With providers being mandated to use EHRs, I was wondering if anyone has experienced obstacles or challenges with using EHRs/EMRs in the workplace or as nursing students in the classroom? If so what kinds of disabilities/challenges do you face?

    I am a first year PhD grad student, with ADHD and 30 years experience in allied health. I am currently taking a course in web accessibility and disability studies this summer. The course has really made me think about the accessibility of technology and where EHRs fit in with ADA, WCAG 2.0 and Section 508 compliance in the workplace. Disability modifications for EHRs in the workplace have not been addressed in the literature I am reviewing thus the reason for this post. I know personally my ADHD has been a challenge and has affected my past work performance when documenting health information, and wondered with the newly mandated EMR/EHRs if accessibility is an issue(or not) and why?

    Note: I am not conducting a formal study or survey, my course content for the summer has just made me curious as to how nurses overcome technology especially since there is very limited research/articles available on this topic. My actual dissertation research is mostly directed toward simulated educational EHRs as resourceful tools for both the classroom and potentially CME training in the workplace. However, I would be interested to hear back from nurses with disabilities if the study of disability and EHR accessibility would a good research direction (or not).

    I would greatly appreciate any feedback or even direction toward some interesting articles you might have come across. Thanks.
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