"Disclosure Laws/Policies" of HIV/AIDS nurses!!

  1. I am trying to "return to work" under the Soc Sec Disability Program! This program allows you to attempt to return to work holding your benefits in place for a few years (7 or 10) if one is unable to do so. Under the "Ticket to Work Program" I have given my "ticket" to the Dept of Rehab in California. They originally, approved me for 2 years "support" (finances) to go back to school and get my AS and RN lic. I have been re-evaluated by thier Doctors and meet the "physical requirements" of Medium to Heavy work.
    But now the "counselor" is telling me, she is looking into "disclosure policies" by calling and contacting hospitals about their policies?? She told me I had to "disclose" my HIV status to perspective employers and that would or may affect my ability to be hired???? And that I would have to do the same for my RN lic and I may not be able to be licensed??? Further suggessting that I would have a difficult time getting a job and that she is very sure that Drs and/or Surgeons HAVE TO BY LAW disclose thier staus to thier patients????
    She has told me I need to call perspective "hospitals" and provide her with documentation that they may/would hire me???
    Geeez!!! I am 54 just finishing my first year back to school after 40 years (carrying full loads each semester)4 classes over summer session, 18 units this past Fall and 5 this winter 5 week and right into 18 for Spring 2009!!!! (I have a 3.0) !
    What do any of you know about "disclosure Laws"?? I am in California! Do you have to do the same if you have Hep C???
    Many Thanks!
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