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My list is getting smaller how about yours? Do you give out a lot of gifts during the holidays? How many family, friends, or coworkers do you gift to?? Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share this with friends and... Read More

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    Token gifts are the best gifts. Presents aren't fun in December if your electricty gets turned off in January.
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    Quote from Orange Tree
    Token gifts are the best gifts. Presents aren't fun in December if your electricty gets turned off in January.

    so so so true,
    but, if both you and your partner/husband/sweetie,
    are both from huge families,
    even token gifts, can add up so so fast, when there are about a bazillion ppl on your list!!

    but, that'd work for smaller families or smaller groups of pals,
    and in exchanges where your candle isn't being reciprocated with a coat or something, ha ha. (has happened to me, cringe)

    but yeah, not being able to get through january sure CAN make one regret over-shopping in December.

    My mom-in-law shops all year, often buying NEXT years gifts at the post holiday sales. But, she loves shopping. she does, LOVES it, and focuses on it, like some kind of hobby, and she always knows which store is having what on sale, pours through fliers for coupons and deals, etc etc.
    She is incredibly organized, and usually has her holiday shopping done in about August. for real, she's off the hook.
    me, i don't like shopping that much anymore, at all, and sometimes anguish over this? or that? and sometimes, end up feeling cheap or something, cuz i WANT to buy item A, but, can't, so i get Item B. just not that fun for me to shop anymore.

    but i LOVE partying with them, or spend that one afternoon, baking up our same ol recipe we make every year, love THAT stuff.

    guess we all gotta find the things we DO love, and CAN actually do,
    and do those things.
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    I really enjoyed this post. I find myself doing this, but this year I think I did better. I gave my co workers Lottery tickets and candy canes, and thats pretty much what I am getting everyone with a small trinket; nothing major and about 7 dollar per person. Its family, that I am working for. Thanks for posting this it was great.
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    My husband and I are devout Christians and thus refuse to make Christmas about material objects. We will not buy gifts for anyone, and request that no one buy any for us.

    If we buy anything for anyone it is usually a donation in their name to Heifer International. For those who absolutely insist on giving something, we ask that they adhere to the "hand" rule ( HANDmade, seconHAND, or HAND-me-down)

    I'm sorry for those who stress themselves out and end up not enjoying the season due to worrying about what "stuff" they should buy for others.

    For us, advent and Christmas have always been quiet, reflective peaceful times; we worship, reflect, and on Christmas hang out make good food, drink wine and just enjoy family and friends.

    And for those of you who may be thinking "That's great, but what about kids" We do have a daughter, albeit she is only one year.

    When she is old enough to notice, we will do the following:

    1. Explain that she is not getting gifts because it is Jesus' birthday, not hers
    2. Explain the true origin behind Saint Nicholas, and that he is not a live person today
    3. Leave food and drink out for the holy family, or any other "weary travelers", on Christmas eve instead of Santa (an old Irish custom)

    Gift free holidays are possible ya'll- give it a try and watch holiday "stress" disappear.

    Peace to you all during this blessed and joyous season
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    I use to try but with the cost of shcool my really small hours at work and lack of time to actually go out and buy those gifts I now only get stuff for my bf. my brother my mom & dad and thats it. Mostly because they are the ones that would appreciate any time of gift hand made (knitted) or bought.
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    I don't do obligatory gift giving. Not for Christmas, birthdays, anything. It feels fake to me. If I see something I think someone will enjoy, I'll get it for them, just because, doesn't matter if it's 12/25 or 6/17. Makes it more genuine that way. Occasionally if I find something and it's close to a holiday/special occasion I'll hold on to it for the event but usually just give it right away.

    Maybe this makes me a Scrooge but mostly it's because shopping gives me a ton of anxiety. I am always terrified the person won't like their gift and it will all have been a wasted effort. I also don't enjoy receiving presents - I am a simple person and most gifts that people get me never get used, so I would frankly rather not receive anything at all. The most appreciated present is just that - presence. I would much rather spend quality time with friends and loved ones than have them waste their time and money on shopping. Also, kind, heartfelt words mean more to me than anything else. Tell me how you feel, what you enjoy, what you appreciate about our relationship. That is life-affirming, and something special shared between loved ones that no one can ever take away.
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    Too funny because it's true

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