Why nursing hits home..... - page 2

Just over 4 years ago, my dad passed away. He and I were closer than close. We were the essence of "best friends." If you have seen the movie "The Pursuit of Happyness," that was almost identical to... Read More

  1. by   MrPopeye
    Thank you, Lex!
  2. by   Sinman
    This is an awesome story thank you so much for sharing! Strangely enough though I have wanted to be Nurse for as long as I can remember I ended up being a mechanic in the Military for 7 years before I got out and used my GI Bill to go to school. I am in my final semester and will be starting my Senior Practicum in about a week. Though I have wanted to pull my hair out several times and questioned my sanity often I have truly never been happier or felt more alive that I do now. This is what I was born do to and even after I officially I will be a nurse until I die

  3. by   Eastern RN
    Awesome story MrPopeye! Thanks for sharing. I kind of stumbled into nursing. But - after 33yrs - I can say I can't imagine ever having done anything else with my life. Old fashioned nursing school - 3 yr RN Diploma program - lived in residence etc etc. I was going to be a medical lab technologist - until I realized that Chemistry was a huge part of the curriculum. I passed Chem in high school - but just barely. My BFF was going into nursing - so I said why not? Wouldn't change a thing. I do feel for the young ones coming into the profession these days. It certainly is not the "atmosphere" at work that it once was. I graduated in 1982 - just putting in my time now until I retire. Still love nursing - but there is nothing easy about it. Good luck to you MrPopeye! PS - so sorry for your loss - I lost my Dad Jan 13th of last yr - it was sudden and unexpected - he was well one moment and gone in 10 seconds. Massive PE. Probably had an occult malignancy going on somewhere that he and we weren't aware of. He died in Florida (my parents have been wintering there for over 25yrs, permanent home is in Ontario), in his lazyboy - coffee in hand, watching the morning news, Mom in the chair next to him. He was 80 - but a very well and active 80. He was my rock - I am still struggling to find a "new normal". But I am very grateful Dad passed the way he did - he couldn't have planned it any better. Sorry for going on a bit.