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Just over 4 years ago, my dad passed away. He and I were closer than close. We were the essence of "best friends." If you have seen the movie "The Pursuit of Happyness," that was almost identical to my childhood with my dad. Even... Read More

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    for me, it was just always expected of me... My mother was a nurse, her brother was a flight nurse in vietnam who came back to be an instructor at a local college, My mom passed away when I was 10, my dad (who quit school after the 8th grade, to care for his parents, he was the youngest of 9) always pushed that i needed good grades to get into nursing school, all through high school i heard this, (to my sister on the other hand, nursing school was never mentioned) I went to college directly out of high school, and fell into that 18 yr old -away from home for the first time - trap, ended up dropping out, having a family, doing work in some other fields but gravitated back to nursing eventually. Went back to nursing school 10 yrs later after working as a nurses aide for 6 yrs. I earned my LPN in 1990 and my RN in 2006. I think that waiting that 10 yrs makes me a better nurse. I had a level of maturity that i found lacking in a lot of my classmates that were in their early 20's. I think my Dad knew I had it in me, as he knew my sister doesn't have the "knack" for nursing. I had the priveledge of caring for my dad in his final days of battling lymphoma. I found a new specialty with that experience. I went into Hospice and Palliative care. Part of healing from the grief of losing my Dad, I have helped other families and patients make that final journey. Sean, I hope that you take your life experiences and use it in your life as a nurse. as tough as school is just hang in there, it is well worth all the hard work and frustration.

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    My journey to nursing also came from watching other nurse... when daughters father broke himeself from the wait up in a car accident. The skill and compassion was an amazing thing to witness.
    His accident was in november and by that janiary i was taking nursing prereqs
    9yrs later i am still loving my career choice and learning new things everyday.
    Good luck in your path to becoming a nurse!
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    Wow, you have no idea how much your words mean to me today.

    Thank you and God Bless and keep you safe.
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    Thank you, Lex!
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    This is an awesome story thank you so much for sharing! Strangely enough though I have wanted to be Nurse for as long as I can remember I ended up being a mechanic in the Military for 7 years before I got out and used my GI Bill to go to school. I am in my final semester and will be starting my Senior Practicum in about a week. Though I have wanted to pull my hair out several times and questioned my sanity often I have truly never been happier or felt more alive that I do now. This is what I was born do to and even after I officially I will be a nurse until I die


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