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Nursing can be stressful at times. Every often we get a patient that pushes our buttons. We just want to scream and tell them a thing or two. Other days we are overwhelmed with the number of... Read More

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    Quote from NJnewRN
    Leave the profession. Period.
    They wouldn't be happy "in" a nursing career then, would they?

    People who don't like nursing should leave the profession. That is different from people who may not have the best nursing job in the world.
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    Don't forget after the foot soak > the foot rub. Heaven.
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    Treating myself to a relaxing back and foot massage.
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    I get a reflexology massage, once a month at the end of every month. followed by a pedicure.
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    When I would come home after a really nasty night I would watch cartoons the sillier the better. When I first got married my hubby would ask why someone with such a high IQ would watch cartoons. You don't have to think with cartoons. it is all slapstick and fart jokes. It is the best thing in the world to shut off the brain. And my grandkids think it is killer that Granma knows which cartoon is the best.
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    I actually just purchased "Nerve Tonic" online today. I have heard many great things about this product and will update after I have a few doses.
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    Unquestionably, besides pouring myself a large goblet of red wine and having a plate full of seedless green grapes, Multigrain crackers, and the King of Cheese Parmigiano-Reggiano after work, then getting in my swimming pool and listening to the waterfall as it cascades down the rocks, this rejuvenates my desire to continue in my beloved nursing. In adddition, I been taking Zumba classes they are AWESOME!!!!
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    Contact juggling like Bowie in Labyrinth! Relaxes me every time!

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    I meditate daily. It has taught me that you can handle anything if you take it a moment at a time. Reflective time teaches me that nothing it is ever personal. How I react to it ,however,is. I am on my feet 12-13hrs straight so hot yoga helps de stress and limber me up.
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    Quote from LadyQT
    I actually just purchased "Nerve Tonic" online today. I have heard many great things about this product and will update after I have a few doses.

    If its from a health food store check the ingredients. I was taking a sinus med from health food store. I felt FANTASTIC and was raving at work how great it worked. Another nurse picked up the bottle ,rread its content,laughed and said "It's 40% alcohol!!! " I don't drink ever so it may explain how a few drops of this tonic had me feeling "wow,aint life great!!"
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    Quote from tewdles
    I like a little wine.
    I walk and ride my bike...sometimes I snow shoe in the winter.
    I play the guitar.
    Online play money poker helps me to destress.
    Prayer helps me maintain my perspective.

    Mostly, I love nursing and desire to work...so I pay attention to work/play balance.
    When I first read this (broesing through quickly) I thought: "Monkey Poker? What's "monkey poker"?

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