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I love this one. One of my favorites. How many people think this is true? :) Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share this with friends and post your comments below! Want more... Read More

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    I read AllNurses simply because I am a "reader." Always have to have something to read! I have lots of free time, and a relatively easy job (right now, at least) so I spend several hours a day reading news, etc. It helps me stay "in touch" with the rest of the world. If I see something on AllNurses that catches my interest, I usually research it further. Of course, right now I really should be cleaning my floors, bathroom, and doing laundry, but that's another matter!

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    What can I say? It's cheaper than Zoloft.
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    Quote from DeLanaHarvickWannabe
    Interesting and very timely, at least for me.

    I haven't been around much at all lately. However, I have some, well, bad stuff going on with me right now and I've started seeing a therapist. She gave me "homework" for this week, one such assignment being to go back to AllNurses.
    I LIKE your therapist!

    Great to see you again, and hugs to you, hope AN helps you through your "bad stuff".
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