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I'm sure this has occurred to many nurses. Have this happen to you? How do you feel about it? Please share this with friends and post your comments below! Want more nursing cartoons?About A Nursing Student -... Read More

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    I have medical POA for my DSis. for the same reason. I feel honored that she trusts me but am I really the best perosn for this job? I had to make decisions for my DH when he was ill. It is not a fun job even if hou are sure of their answers to the things asked. I feel sure I did what he would have wanted but it still was hard, perhaps harder because I am a nurse and know too much.

    I think sometimes nursing oozes out. I think in terms of what needs to be done. I look at others who need direction for everything and wonder if it is my own nursing education that changes me from a robot that does what is told to become the critical thinker who automatically starts up a path in response to some identifiable stimulus.

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    Ugh my neighbor used to do this to me all the time. I think she finally got the hint after hearing, "That is a really good question for your doctor" a few too many times.
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    hahaha! wow! soo true, im still a nursing student but this has happened to me a lot, LIKE A LOT, of times already
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    Quote from KristeyK
    Ditto to Holly! I also get stopped when I'm in the drug store and asked for advice if I'm wearing my school scrubs. They CLEARLY say RN STUDENT on them. Scary....(especially since there's usually a pharmacist within 50 feet to answer the question.)
    You are allowed out in your scrubs????!!!!
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    I do get asked but my response is generally, "what did your doctor say about this"?

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