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What do you look for in nursing shoes? What is your favorite brand? How many shoes do you go through per year? Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share this with friends and post your comments below! Want more... Read More

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    Danskos hands-down. They are ugly but I have zero joint pain. They are about all I wear besides my running shoes (which I only wear, oddly enough, when running). I even have sandals. As far as the cost goes, I have one pair I bough 7 years ago. They look beat to heck, but the soles don't break down.

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    Definitely love my Danskos! I only wear them at work though because I'm too clumsy to trust to wear them where the ground is uneven. I've gotten pretty good at walking in them though. I use to have horrible back aches only four hours in to my shift, but I'm great now with my Danskos. They've just recently started squeaking though. They're pricey, but I got mine while they were on sale at Christmas.
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    I wear Dansko's. They may be expensive, but they last long enough to make up for replacing cheap sneakers frequently. If you watch the websites though, they tend to have sales here and there that will make it worth your while as well!

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