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  1. As of a couple months ago, anyone who joins the Peer program in Oklahoma has a denotation online that shows they are in Peer when their license is looked up. This is something the public can see. Those who were already in it are grandfathered out of this stipulation (thank God! So it's not by my name....I get out in a month or 2!)

    They still show, on the home page of the Peer program, that it is a confidential program, and participation is confidential as long as you abide by your contract.

    My question is: how can they still say it's confidential when it is now listed publicly when you enroll? Also, would you think this would decrease the likelihood of some nurses of self reporting to peer? If so, do you think this dangerously increases a chance of an impaired nurse NOT trying to get help willfully and possibly continuing to work until they hurt someone or are caught?

    I think it makes for an interesting discussion. Because in the past, no one knew as long as you went in voluntarily. Not the board, not the public. Just need-to-know basis when you went back to supervised work.....
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  3. by   backtowork
    This is insane!! Why the heck would anyone put up with all the craziness of peer review if it is not going to be might as well just face design your own recovery program and face the BON like I did and have your name smeared across a dozen websites..OMG..Peer review is getting more punitive and less recovery oriented every day..This is just not right! can any one say HIPAA..Hello???? I hope they put themselves right out of business by doing this and then maybe the "holier than thou" administrators of peer review might have to go out and beg for a real job..just like the rest of us.. GRRRRRrrrrr!!!!!
  4. by   luvche
    You will love THIS then: someone I know knew a nurse that ended up being disciplined by the board. Because s/he was once in peer, the peer records NOW became un-confidential and sent to the board. It was now considered "exhibits" in her/his board hearing and therefore, can be seen by the public when the nurses discpline record is clicked on. By records I mean even down to the nurses first application to peer where s/he writes personal thoughts and insights about her/himself and people in her/his life.

    So not only is that out there....but the people s/he wrote about, too! I don;t see where THAT is legal.
    But now lets humiliate those that go get help before it gets to the board! Confidentiality is why I chose to get help. I fear I may not have done so had I joined after this new rule where "peer" is next to you name!
  5. by   backtowork
    Salem witch hunts..I swear. I distinctly remember reading somewhere.."judge not, lest ye be judged"
  6. by   luvche
    Yeah, well, at the end of that quote is an unwritten "Unless you are on the Peer committee...".

    The constant living in fear of doing something "wrong" in their eyes. Answering a question "wrong". it's not an unfounded fear, either. I got pregnant and was very morning sick for 2 months straight. 24-7. The constant sickness made me irritable, anxious, and not myself (DUH! Pregnancy and hormones). They made me cease nursing practice again, and go pay hundreds of dollars for a psych eval. Had it not been for that, and it taking months to get my nursing practice back (due to the red-tape of it all), I'd already been out months ago.

    Frustrating. I know it's better then the alternative.....but I am wondering if the future participants can now say it is better than the alternative. being that now, it's public record just like going through the board would be.
  7. by   jmo1231
    This is crazy. I agree that these so called "voluntary programs" are not helpful in any way .....they are punitive and disgraceful..... What is so recovery friendly about these programs ? I actually asked my case manager that question and of coarse the response was "well it is voluntary..." Ummmm like really? Are ya F###$% kidding me? And what qualifications do these case managers have to be in these positions? Zero..... is my bet! I think their time will come if enough of us speak out against them . I am all for recovery and staying sober and accountable for it BUT not to people who have no respect for their own peers or any support for us either!
  8. by   nursecat64
    A doctor told me that when new rules are handed down from "the powers that be" over a period of time, they first come as "recommendations" (all voluntary) then become "guidelines" that become "standards" that become "THE LAW" . They start as voluntary to gather data and information, while seeming benign, state they "are on your side" "there to help" This doctor said [QUOTE]"NEVER EVER go to a public health agency for help of any kind (mental, drug addiction") or if you do, pay privately, and don't use your own name. Otherwise it will NEVER be private- every govt. agency will have access to your records-including nursing boards. If you need treatment be very careful where you go, and who you talk to, otherwise it will come back to haunt you!! (The boards are not there to help you, they are there to protect the public. (and in my opinion-a lot of people who sit on boards, work on committees etc.. are people who have never had a hardship in their lives!)
  9. by   nursecat64
    For instance.. There is a govmt sponsored "quit smoking" helpline that will give a smoker free nicotine patches. You would not believe the questions they ask when you call the hotline to get the patches. They even ask your sexual orientation! I kid you not! All this info goes into data bases. You are now put into a data base as a nicotine user as well as into data banks of whatever other "high risk" categories you fall into(so just try and lie on a life insurance application!) They tell you the information is for their own use, but don't believe it. We are living in a "big brother" society. If you are skeptical, try "googling" yourself. You'd be amazed what information is available. (I was!) I even found an incredible amount of information on my parents who have no idea even how to USE the internet! If you read the actual HIPPA "guidelines" you will realize HIPPA was NOT put in place to protect OUR privacy, it was put in place so that various agencies can share information on a (what they call) a "need to know" basis without further consent from you.
  10. by   luvche
    When they made me cease practice again and get a psych eval, I told them "I am pregnant and can't even afford enough food for myself.". They said "In order to get well you may have to make sacrifices. You might have to give things up and live in a trailor if that's what it takes.

    OK, 1) I was pregnant and could only afford to eat 1-2 times a day.
    2) I live in a cheap apartment.....I CAN'T EVEN AFFORD A TRAILOR! Because then i'd have to pay gas, electric, water, lot fee...etc

    For them to give THAT reply when i told them I was only getting 1-2 meals a day is wrong on so many levels. Especially since my eval was sparked over, basically, me being ill, moody, and hormonal during severe morning sickness!

    Our committees have 1 RN, 1 addiction counselor, and one person in recovery as well as our case worker. I guess my case worker used to be a nurse investigator. So I would think there is a little bias there. I agree, it should not be punitive. How is that helpful to anyone? Now they are embarrassing people who want help, too!