Which state allows to take the NCLEX without TOEFL or other English proficiency test?

  1. Hello all!

    I am a RN in a country outside the US. I just passed the exam in my home country, so my professional knowledge is fresh, and I believe that with proper preparation I can pass the NCLEX.

    However, my English is not at the same level at all, and I know that at this point I will surely fail any TOEFL-like test.

    My goal is to pass the NCLEX while my nursing knowledge is still fresh, and improve my English along the way. It's a hard enough mission for me to multitask, and I just want to "lock in" the exam - and learn for and submit the English test results to the Board of Nursing I will choose later on.

    Is there any state Board in the US which will allow me to do it?

    I know only that NY is more accommodating in that sense, but from this great site I learned that it will take up to a year to get the ATT - so I gain nothing time-wise, and will again lose the freshness edge for the NCLEX.

    I know, for example, that some states allow submitting the SSN at a later stage, and give the permission to take the NCLEX even before all the other requirements are met, but can't find any info about "initial skipping" for another type of requirement, English (and SSN is not a problem in my case, I reside in the US legally on a different kind of visa).

    Thanks a lot!
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