what is the difference between HAAD RN exam and NCLEX RN exam?

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    HI GUYS!!!
    i am going take HAAD RN exam soon..may problem is i don't have any idea what scope and type of question will they give and what review materials will i use to preapare. Al i know is a compute based exam like nclex....can you please help me please.......

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    This is the first time I'm reading about this test. It appears to be the licensing exam to practice in the United Arab Emirates (HAAD - Health Authority Abu Dhabi). Your best bet is to find others who have taken the test because all I found was:

    Eligibility Criteria: http://www.haad.ae/HAAD/LinkClick.as...k%3d&tabid=147
    Scope of Practice for Registered Nurses: http://www.haad.ae/HAAD/Portals/0/He...ed%20Nurse.pdf (very general in language, doesn't delve into detailed competencies or required knowledge and skills in terms of specific patient populations).

    Personally, if nothing else, I would rely on any NCLEX-RN review material.
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    thank you NP gilly for your reply....thats the problem, I dont know any colleagues who took the exam...that is why i posted this thread. anyways thank you so much...
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    hello! i took the exam November 2009 without any idea what to review, which materials to use and which topic to start with....it was frustrating not being able to have any idea about the exam, and so 5 days after registering online, i just went to the testing center and took the exam. i was able to know the result immediately after and praise God i passed. don't get me wrong...the exam is not that easy but it wasn't hard for me as well, that is because i think the right questions for me were the ones that came out.

    i'm not quite sure if you have already taken the HAAD exam, but for the benefit of the others who plan on taking it...i'd like to share to you some of my testing experience: most of the questions are indeed NCLEX type! but what i've noticed is that the questions are mostly about basic nursing knowledge, which includes basic drug computations (including drips such as dopa and dobu). most of the questions were of the assessment and implementation type, like for example the "earliest s/sx for a client with increased ICP would be decreasing LOc or restlessness"...most of the diseases asked were about DM, CVD infarct and bleed, MI and some other common diseases. i suggest that if you plan on taking the exam, try answering NCLEX type of questions using mosby or saunders. practice answering questions and learn the art of intelligent guessing... the exam is not that hard, but then again it is not that easy either. well, i hope you were able to have a slight peak of what the exam is like. God bless!
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    btw, the diffference between NCLEX RN and HAAD is that in HAAD i didn't notice any "select all that apply questions". you are given 180 minutes to answer all 150 questions. if you don't know the answer, you can flag that question and skip it and then you can go back to it when you're done answering questions that you are sure of. and finally, you'll get the result immediately after the exam.
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    hi guys....i passed the HAAD last Jan 13,2010....yeah i agree to BEEAN, its a 150 questions that need to be answered in 3 hous...mine i finished it in just 2 hour and the remaining 1 hour i reviewed all my answers...my tip is read MOSBY and ABCpaasing foreign board exam of gapuz....TO BEEAN... have processed your requirements thru online in HAAD?
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    I passed HAAD last January 28, 2010.. If I compare HAAD and NCLEX, NCLEX is much harder.. The questions in HAAD are simple and most of the choices, if you are going to choose for the correct answer is obvious..unlike the nclex questions, which are full of tricks.. I studied for 2 weeks and most of those topics are the common diseases.. I thought if ever i fail that test, i can pass it on my second try because believe me, like the other passers said, it's not that hard but it's not that easy though..but obviously, it's doable...

    Here's what came out.. looks similar to other HAAD passers:
    DM, MI, rheumatoid arthritis, cataract/drugs, therapeutic communication, Lithium, parkinson's, dementia, alzheimer's.. any common diseases that you hear/encounter..

    hope these helps..fellow nurses, you can do it...
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    congrats to king james.... What hospital i abudhabi you applied? And what agency here in phiippines?
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    Where can I apply in HAAD exam? And how much? I don't really have the idea.. Is there any requirements needed. How long should I wait for scheduling? If ever I will be scheduled for exam, what tools should I bring? I only learned about this exam to our Company Physician, she knows someone who is looking for nurses that will work on UAE, I texted that person and he said that I should take the exam. I'm very reluctant to take any exam because of the cost. I hope to pass it too if ever I take it... Thanks for giving me ideas to the previous responders. ^.^v
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    I am a registered nurse in Africa with two year plus working experience. I am presently planning to travel to Abu Dhabi to write the HAAD exam to be able to work there. I will like to know if there is any good Recrutment Agency in Abu Dhabi that can help me secure a nursing job in Abu Dhabi or can anyone here advice me on how to secure a job in Abu Dhabi once i pass the Haad exam.

    Thanks in anticipation....

    Nurses are wonderful people..........

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