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    i am currently waiting for my second pack application form from the NMC. Does anyone here who can tell me how long they wait to receive the form? I keep on calling the nmc and they are saying that i have to wait for 90 days? I am just waiting for the second pack not the decision letter. Thanks
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    Hi there! By the time you read this you probably have your 2nd pack lol but in my experience it took me around a month to get my pack 2. May pack 1 was evaluated on Jan 13, then by Feb 7, they sent me my pack 2. Feb 19 was when it got to me (I'm from the Philippines)
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    Now for my question: Do you need to be actively employed or at least be working in the previous 6 months while waiting for your DL? I've been off work since nov 15 2013 and Im still completing mt pack 2. Thanks.
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    Im not really sure if you need to but it said in their site that you have to be practicing for at least 3 months or 450 hours if your registration is more than 3 years.
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    I've been practicing since april 2009 up until nov 15 2013. I hope that would be enough as I've had been medically cleared fit to work since october. Not really looking forward to working as volunteer while im waiting for my DL as I'm vulnerable to airborne diseases in my unit.
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    They just need at least 12 months experience as a nurse as far as i know. So have you completed the documents needed for the second pack form? Hopefully the changes in overseas registration will not affect us.
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    Im still waiting for the school to finish the training forms. How about you? Hows your application going?
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    I havent started it yet for i am currently out of the country. By next month i will start filling up the form. By the way if you can add me in ur fb or email, because i have some questions about the form maybe u can help my email is

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