Saudi Council Renewal/ Data flow

  1. Hi guys! I am a nurse here in KSA for almost 2 years. We all know that the kingdom has started to check on the COE of employees here since last year. Coz in my case I already had my Saudi Council since 2014 so I was not included to those who uploaded their Certificate of employment for data flow. My saudi council will expire on 2018. Can any of you answer my questions pls?

    1. I will be 3 years here in KSA by the time that I will be renewing my saudi council, so do I still have to submit the previous COE from my country of origin?

    2. Will a certificate of employment with awol be granted for data flow?

    I really need answers guys because I am having problem with my previous employer. 1 month before I resigned I have few days of absent from work because I had my medical exam. But I really finished all my duty until the end date of my resignation. When i was suppose to do the clearance, the hospital told me that they can't process it because they said I am AWOL. they did not send any notice or anything to me. They said they will give me a coe but they wil put awol on it. Will it affect the verification of my Saudi Council?
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  3. by   Jackiey
    Hi! How r u? Did u renew ur license? We r on the same boat , i will renew also my saudi license but I dont have local coe.