Renewing RN license with California BRN

  1. So my CA RN license has been lapsed for about 1 year now. I know that all I need to do is take 30 units of CEU's and pay the fee and the fine.

    However my situation is a bit unique since I got my initial CA RN license in March of 2008 (took NCLEX and one-shot it) and I also was educated in the Philippines. Will the CA BRN deny my renewal effort this time around since I fall into the category of possbily not having the required amount of courses as other foreign educated nurses do?

    I was able to renew my CA RN license back in 2009, I just opted not to do it last year... I have already held 2 licenses from 2 different states via endorsement from California (currently working in Florida) and I am now thinking of going back to my license home state.

    Thanks for any advice!
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