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  1. 0 Hoping to find someone who knows anything about these courses that are provided in the US.

    Just got back from the Florida Board of Nursing monthly board meeting where my application was considered. I am a UK trained nurse and do not have obstetrics, paeds and psychiatry clinical and theory hours but they did not deny my application, instead have allowed me to take a remedial course within 1 year and then they will pass my application.

    Supposedly these courses are designed for people who fail the NCLEX 3 times. I am happy that they have given me this opportunity but I have no idea how I am gonna manage to carry out the clinicals, I work full time and can't afford to quit my job to go over there to go on placements. I am a US citizen so I could easily move back but I don't want to risk my nursing career which comes first.

    Anyone who has done or heard of foreign trained nurses doing these remedial courses, some advice would be much appreciated.

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