Questions regarding nclex rn application Illinois BON

  1. 0 I am a Bsc nursing graduate from India. I have a license from the state of Kerala in India.
    Iam planning to write the Nclex rn examination in the Illinois Board if Nursing.Now Iam staying in Florida.
    The first thing i did is i sent the CGFNS CES forms to my nursing school and licensing agency(The Kerala Nurses and Midwives Council) in India on 23rd sept 2012.
    I sent the CT-NUR form to the Licensing agency today(28 sept 2012).
    My question is ,who is sending the completed CT-NUR FORM to the CTS , is it the licensing agency directly to CTS OR should the licensing agency send back the completed form to me to send it along with the 4 page application form?
    Secondly, should i wait for the CGFNS CES report to come to send the 4 page application form, OR can i send the application form while CES is being processed?
    pls give me an answer for this ....hv a nice day
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