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hi, i am internationally trained nurse from india . i applied for registration as RN in college of nurses of ontario oct 2011. they took over an year and finally determined that my education/ experience is not equivalent to... Read More

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    I am going to take OSCE on next month, please share me too the noted and website links, email me at ericgeorge322@gmail.com

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    Hello Marv114,

    Although health assessment is a large component of the exam, examiners also look at your interpersonal communication skills as well as how you provide care that is holistic in nature. Having participated in it, you will be marked very rigorously and will need to let the examiner know everything you are doing in order to be marked appropriately. During this exam, you will not be able to ask the examiner any questions, therefore it is important that you think of all aspects of the illness and how you would provide care.

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    Hello Lee,

    You may think about picking up a medical surgical text, even a used copy from the library. The below text is a good one, I have used it with my students and they have found it pretty comprehensive http://www.amazon.ca/Brunner-Suddart.../dp/0781799899
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    Guys, I would like to apologize for blowing your bubbles but the passing rate for OSCE is quite unbelievable. According to health force Ontario, its only 1%. Then after the exam, if you want to take further courses to close the gaps identified, you will have to wait on the queue of more than a thousand applicants waiting to get a slot from York University. Then your safe nursing practice will expire, if that happens, you will be required to get additional courses to take on the top of the courses you need to fill in for your education. That's the reality IN the CNO process. Hopelessly brutal!
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    You are correct, the passing is not the greatest. There is a lot expected from the candidate when they are in the room during the test. I have been there and you are expected to know and apply every aspect of nursing possible into the exam to pass.

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