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OSCE for nursing

  1. 0 Hello!! I will be attending the seminar conducted by Healthforce Ontario tomorrow.. anyone out there who will be heading there as well??
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    Hello! I've gone to this info session. and it felt really short and certainly wasn't enough. I was one of the candidates who completed the first OSCE. It was a good thing that I had completed tons of nursing skills and communication courses before I went for that test. It was very tricky, challenging and felt like real-life! (The simulated patients were superb actors! I almost cried along with one. Almost.) No amount of ordinary classroom training would've prepared anyone for that.

    To nmlola and everyone out there: what's your background? And how are you preparing for the OSCE?
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    I got my BSN in the Philippines 2007 had almost 3 years experience working in the ER at St. Luke's Medical Center. Submitted applications for RN and RPN last year... and now just waiting...

    When I got the letter from the CNO about the option to take the OSCE.. I got really excited and Im looking forward to taking it but now im anxious because I realized I have been out of practice for almost 2 years now!!! That's why right now Im gathering as much info about the OSCE as I can..
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    to OSCE nurse did you already got the result?
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    results in 2 months time. roughly around end of May.
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    OSCE nurse some of our posts were removed. Lol ^^, and I couldnt send a private mesg to you

    nOtziE (^__^)
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    Hi nmlola! How's the hfo session?
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    hi nmlola! how can i register for that hfo seminar? i'm also from philippines and i just received a letter from cno regarding the osce.
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    laine ,i just recieved mine too..maybe we can help each other
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    Just visit this link http://www.healthforceontario.ca/en/...essions/Nurses

    You will learn a lot about osce once you attend the information session.

    nOtziE (^__^)
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    laine and haidee i got mine too. hope we can help each other..
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    anyone here in the riyadh planning to take osce?hope i can find somebody outhere to have a helping hand. i'm a Filipino nurse.
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    anybody there for the osce? pls pm me..