Nursing School and Bridging Program Must-Have's for International Students

  1. Hi fellow nurses. I hope you can help me with this. I started a new topic that will be beneficial to us all, specially to students who are planning to have their Bridging Program in Australia or take their Nursing course anywhere in the world. I tried searching for a similar thread but I can't seem to find one so I started this. You can start giving inputs so as to give idea to students and nurses who will sooner or later leave their country to pursue their studies abroad.

    You can give ideas about:
    1. Things that you need to bring to school.
    2. Items to include in your baggage.
    3. Important gadgets to bring with you when you travel.
    4. Tips and Reminders.
    5. What to do's.
    ... and many more!

    Inputs are greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   jo_tan
    hi miss annie, i know you're done with BP, can i ask a few questions? well, after bp what are the reqts for registration in ahpra?do they still ask for ielts and do the still need 7 all around or just the obs? for the aug. intake and my ielts will expire on september 2013...thanks a lot