New York Eligibility Letter Validity (Expiration) - please help!!!

  1. Hello to everyone,

    I'm an International educated nurse (from Europe) and I had recently received my Eligibility Letter from New York State Board. It doesn't mention any expiration date, but from what I've read on the forum it sounds like that it may expire in a year or maybe even sooner. Does anyone on this forum know what's the validity period of the New York Eligibility Letter, since I don't want to be late for applying for ATT with Pearson. I had actually sent an e-mail to NY State Board of Nursing, but haven't received a reply yet.

    Many Thanks in Advance for your answers and Good Luck to Everyone taking NCLEX-RN exam!
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  3. by   izzybiz
    Hi I have same problem. Got answers to this? Thank you very much