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Hi guys! I am curious as to what are the Illinois Board of Nursing requirements now in admitting or approving NCLEX application for those who just graduated BSN in the Philippines and is a... Read More

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    Quote from steppybay
    Kabayan, again, do you wish to live and work and move yourself and the family and all the pets to IL, once you pass the NCLEX-RN? Settle down for a few years or more?

    If you're not planning to do the above in IL, there's no point in trying to try to find the Fastest, Cheapest or Easiest State just to avoid the CGFNS exam and English testing of the WI BON.

    All that will accomplish is now you must try to endorse-transfer your IL license into WI, but guess what?

    Yes, you will still NEED to have the CGNFS AND English exams and testing, so now you will have wasted another few more months doing those, then submitting those results to the WI BON and hope it passes and then, pay more in fee$ to apply into WI.

    You must always need to pass whatever desired States' BON requirements are, so now you're back to square #1 with these States hopping around, it doesn't work that way.

    If you think it's a "hassle" now, wait till you try to get your IL license endorsed over.

    You could even get approved by the Hawaiian BON, which is easy, but do you wish to work and practice there in paradise or come back to WI? It's the same thing, you would still need to meet all the WI BON's requirements.

    Hey, @steppybay, thank you so much for all the info and suggestion.

    So, you mean that passing the NCLEX under IL BON and endorsing my license to WI BON would still need CGFNS and English exams?! WHAT THE.

    Okay, so I'm taking the CGFNS exam next month. I think I made a good decision by taking the Cerification Program of CGFNS and passing their exam first before taking the NCLEX since it's all gonna be the same thing.


    But one last question though, can I bypass the English exams since I'm already here in the US? How is the possible? Is that the discretion of the WI BON or the CGFNS?


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    in my case i didn't took english test they waived it thru my CES for IL

    TOEFL / IELTS may be waived by the Department/Division if your credentials evaluation report indicates your
    nursing education program was conducted in English utilizing English Textbooks.

    Here is part of my CES
    Entrance Requirement:Successful completion of ten years of primary and
    secondary school education and sufficient scores on the
    Philippines' National College Entrance Examination or the

    Length of Study: equivalent Four years

    Nature of Study:General nursing
    Language of Instruction:English with English textbooks.

    Gives Access To:Nursing licensure examination and advanced nursingeducation in the Philippines. May be considered for
    graduate admission to most colleges and universities in
    the United States. Students whose academic record and
    test scores are not adequate for graduate admission in the
    United States may be considered for undergraduate
    admission with transfer credit determined on a courseby-
    course basis or for provisional graduate status.

    Comparable To:Comparable to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing program
    in the United States.

    This credential, however, represents completion of only ten years of
    primary and secondary school education followed by four years of
    university for a total of fourteen years of education

    March 25, 2011
  3. 0 a nursing student in the philippines and planning to take nclex in illinois when i get back this coming may.Im a dual citizen.i have no plans to take the it ok to take nclex in illinois without nle license in the philippines?
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    need help really weather take the nclex review or nle review then take the nle not really looking forward to take the nle,my plan is to take nclex review here in the phils and take the nclex exam n chicago, my question it ok to take nclex in illinois without local license in the philippines?need ur help please...thanks.

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