I hope somebody would help me please...

  1. Got my letter yesterday from BON and of course no ATT for me because of the concurrency issue. Even though i have an idea that i would receive this kind of response from them, it crushed my morale, i am sure i am not alone. I am going about looking for schools to comply with CABONs requirement to omit my deficiency. If you guys know of somebody currently enrolled or suggestions where I can enroll anywhere near los angeles or the south bay are, please feel free to respond to this post. I am really lost and i am new here using mobile. I dont knoe to navigate the site. Thanks in advancr.
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  3. by   perioddrama
    You are not alone.

    That said, you can do a quick search on the forum; lots of threads and posts.

    Here's one: CA Schools offering programs for MS/OB deficiencies

    The schools are talking and in the planning phase; however, nothing official yet.

    Good luck!
  4. by   guiatorres
    Thank you. I hope i find or we find schools that accept us
  5. by   caannbenurse
    Quote from guiatorres
    Thank you. I hope i find or we find schools that accept us
    I already called different school that is accredited by CA BRN Most of them don't offer individual classes. Others tells me to go back to 0 just to get the class. And some they said that CA BRN didn't inform them about the going changes of international students who needs to take additional work courses of the said subjects. It's sad and frustrating but I will never give up. Until I found one. Lets hope for the best for all of us.