how find OB course required by Board of Nursing?

  1. Hello everyone,
    I am a German registered nurse, and moved to California 2 years ago. I submitted all my nursing documents/degree to the BoN, then received a letter that says I need to do OB classes in order to be approved for the NCLEX exam. Attached I found a list of colleges/universities that offer this course.
    First I started to contact the local ones, quickly learning that this is not gonna work. So I tried all places within a good 200 miles radius, no success. 2 Colleges were willing to put me on their waiting list, the lady from the BoN told me to be patient.
    This was 1 year ago. After contacting these places again, I learned that it is very unlikely that I will move up on their waiting lists in the next couple of years.
    Last week I contacted every single school from that list (103 places, from Eureka to San Diego), willing to relocate if this is what I need to do.
    41 refusals so far, number increasing.
    I am desperate and frustrated and confused. Don`t know what to do anymore. I miss my job so bad and am ready to do whatever it takes.
    Yesterday I asked the lady from the BoN if I can make up the hours back in Germany at my old school. Or what other options I have, since I am running out of time.
    I was told this is not recommended.
    Has anyone been in the same situation before?? I am thankful for any advice and piece of info.
    Thanks, Andrea
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  3. by   perioddrama
    Good for you for taking the initiative and calling. There are a few schools that may start programs, but nothing is official yet.

    This situation is common, especially seeing all the threads popping up with Phils graduates missing OB/MS.

    Your current options are: 1) Redo the whole RN program in the States 2) Apply for the LVN test and then take a bridge program 3) Other

    Good luck!
  4. by   -andrea-
    @perioddrama: thanks for your response.Do you happen to know if it would be a complicated process to become a LVN??
  5. by   perioddrama
    Quote from -andrea-
    @perioddrama: thanks for your response.Do you happen to know if it would be a complicated process to become a LVN??
    Go to the CA Board of LVN/PT website to obtain more information and forms.

    Second, there are a few threads on the forum with a similar topic of LVN. Here is one of them:

    Just know that there have been both cases where some have gotten their ATT to take the LVN boards while others were denied. It is up to the Boards to decide... and the only way you will know is to apply, if that is the route you wish to pursue.

    Good luck!
  6. by   -andrea-
    @perioddrama: I will read into that. Anything that could bring me closer to working again is worth a shot. thank you so much for your help