Help Transferring CA NCLEX-RN Pass Result without SSN Help Transferring CA NCLEX-RN Pass Result without SSN | allnurses

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Help Transferring CA NCLEX-RN Pass Result without SSN

  1. 0 Hi, nurses in USA. I need your help about my problem. I took the California board exam 2008. My files in CABON has expired and so I am trying to apply my NCLEX PASS RESULT in Vermont before May 2012. Unfortunately the processing of my credentials at IERF could not be facilitated immediately hindered by an earthquake in my hometown. So my application in Vermont has also expired. I wanted to renew my application but Vermont after May 2012 is no longer accepting applicants without SSS Nr. Now what would I do now. Anyone who can inform me what other states in USA whose board of nursing accept application for NCLEX PASS RESULT WITHOUT SSS NR.? My application for the verification of my credentials at IERF is pending since I still need to send this verification of my Phil. nursing license. I am residing in Hamburg, Germany and working as RN , this is also one hindrance I cannot facilitate the processing of my papers in the Phil. things with me are so complicated but I am trying to work on things I can. I wish my NCLEX PASS RESULT will not end to nothing, how I had worked on this. Please, I need your help.
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    im afraid that would be difficult my friend